Bob Bigman, former Chief Information Security Officer For the CIA says

"AppGuard should be on every Windows system in the world"

Check out his full comments on AppGuard in the video below

AppGuard won the 2014 Government Security News

"Homeland Security Award for Best Anti-Malware Protection"

AppGuard sells for $29.95, however Blue Ridge Networks (an AFCEA member company) is offering an EXCLUSIVE price of $19.95 through and will donate $5 on every purchase to help fund STEM scholarships!

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AppGuard not only stops the common threats posed by viruses, spying programs and other forms of malware profiled by other anti-virus companies - it stops all forms of nefarious programs on the day they are deployed by the criminals who want your data.  That's because AppGuard's unique patented technology offers "Zero Day Protection" that stops any “bad” programs from ever launching preventing them from making changes to your computer's registry files and putting you and your data at risk. 

That's right, Zero Day protection.  Other popular anti-virus programs are typically updated 7 to 14 days after an outbreak occurs, leaving you vulnerable.  To make You can customize AppGuard protection for your machine by "whitelisting" programs you use so they can run properly (check out our FAQ's below to learn more or use the help screens after you download AppGuard).  AppGuard will protect you 24/7/365 from all known and unknown malware without ever needing an update.

Government Agencies & Major Corporations Endorse Appguard

Get AppGuard today to protect your Windows computer or tablet

from threats both known and unknown for only $19.95!

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AppGuard was developed by Blue Ridge Networks, an AFCEA member company working in U.S. defense industry for over 17 years.  AppGuard uses some of Blue Ridge's patented network security technology that has been securing our nation's most sensitive networks is now being offered commercially to protect Windows based machines.